Not much to report this week. And yet, there is more news than you might think. Living with dying can be pretty boring – ask anyone who has done it – and yet we are enjoying our time together. Sacred time.

         We have three things to tell you.

         Rest is so important. Just how important often becomes apparent after the collapse. When exhaustion overwhelms. Trying to do too much, not getting enough sleep and naps when required, and thinking too much is overwhelming.

         Being kind is so important. We’ve always known this, but as Jeannie’s ability to be rational declines we need to cut each other more and more slack! She calls it uber-kindness. We encourage you to try it. Today.

         And so, we end up saying sorry a lot. Not as an apology, but more as a mantra. Sorry that what I said was confusing. Sorry that I just asked you the same question for the third time in half an hour. Sorry this is all so hard. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Through tears and smiles, sorry.

         Jeannie has a faint hope, a dangerous dream. During this process John and I have been building him a new watercraft, a kayak. It’s nearly completed and we are rushing to get it finished. With luck, good weather, energy for Jeannie and a lot of care and compassion for each other, we might launch the kayak at The Pond. We’ve been blessed with access to a beautiful bit on water on a wild piece of land to the northwest of Cochrane. Maybe we will post photos of John in his kayak – he’s named it SONIC – and Jeannie in a canoe, out playing on the water in the next edition of the blog.

         Or maybe we will just stay home, stay still, rest, be kind to each other and rejoice in all the wonders that are included in this particular version of living with dying.

         We love you all. Enjoy reading your comments. And welcome anything you want to write us. Love you so much.

David and Jeannie

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