The Caregiven

I am the caregiven
That’s my role
David is the lead 
Even John is tender
A caregiver in our team

Brain swelling creates
Waves of overwhelm
A nice sipping rum helps
Two bottles please*

Micah 6:8 lists
Caregiver principles
Do justice
Love kindness
And walk humbly
With the Mystery

Justice is important
Helping the helpless 
The way they want

My heart is cracked wide open
I want to be
More available for my family
A great focussing
On following my heart

Walk humbly
With the mystery 

Follow the verbs
Do justice
Love kindness
Walk humbly

We are always
In community

So much love, Jeannie

*Not a request for rum from you, the reader! This prose poem reflects Jeannie’s comments about caregiving in this last week.

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